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2022 NY Ranger Prospect Analysis

GM Evanovich's first real draft since joining the team yielded quite a crop. Since taking over in 2019, the previous three drafts had minimal pick counts. A quick recap:

2019: 2nd rounder Alex Campbell has become exactly what was expected, an offensive-only dynamo in the minor leagues. (back to back 50g seasons). Of the 3 4th-Rounders, only one remains, Tyce Thompson, who is a bottom-6 minor leaguer himself.

2020: With a pair of 2nd-rounders, Barron is out in CGY whereas Sam Colangelo had a less-than-stellar year in Hartford, but was serviceable in his cup of coffee with the big league. 3rd rounder Lukas Reichel is patrolling for Boston now.

2021: The sole draft pick in round 3 was William von Barnekow who got moved to Philly in the Tavares blockbuster.

So from 2019->2021, GM Evanovich has made 8 total selections. 3 in the 2nd, 2 in the 3rd, and 3 in the 4th. This year, 2022, the Rangers had 7 picks, almost doubling their total amount from the past 3. The picks made this year were the following: 1st (#9), 2nd (#37), 2nd (#53), 2nd (#58), 3rd (#67), 3rd (#86), and 5th (#132).

With the above in mind, let's take a look at the Rangers farm system as it looks now:

L/R Luke Tuch (ARZ 2020, 2nd, #32)
Brought in from ARZ for Joe Pavelski near this past years deadline.
POT: 77; CON: 68
Highlights: Checking/Hitting

Tuch is a brutish wing that was brought in play tough minutes. The GM hopes he will spend his time in Hartford throwing his body around and maybe earn a few minutes with the big club. He isn't gifted offensively, but won't be a liability either. If Tuch develops as they hope he's a 3rd liner that you can dream about.

C/L Marco Kasper (NYR 2022, 1st, #9)
POT: 80; CON: 87
Highlights: Everything, but get your major offense elsewhere

Kasper is the highlight of the Ranger system. The creme de la creme. The excellence of execution. The best there is, the best there was, and...well hopefully not the best there ever will be, but for now, for sure! Kasper had the highest CON in the draft, with a 6'2 frame. Offensively fine, but makes up for it in his natural skill and aptitude defensively. The offense isn't lacking enough to count out a top 6 role, but the Rangers could be gifted enough to run him on a third line trap to shutdown the toughest competition.

D Lian Bichsel (NYR 2022, 2nd, #37)
POT: 67; CON 75
Highlights: 6'5

Bichsel is a potential POT booster that the Rangers were excited to find still available at #37. He's already shown in the preseason that even at this point he can hit hard and a lot. If he boosts next year, Bichsel could prove capable to top 4 minutes. If not, he likely still rounds out the bottom pair for the AHL afiliate.

C/R Matthew Poitras (NYR 2022, 2nd, #53)
POT: 68; CON 85
Highlights: All-Around Player

Poitras is the second booster the Rangers nabbed. He's a solid all-around player who if he boosts, can play fairly high up in the Rangers lineup in 3-4 years. He can play really any role at that point and would provide great depth as a late 2nd rounder.

G Cameron Whitehead (NYR 2022, 2nd, #58)
POT: 76; CON 86
Highlights: Obvious

Not much to say considering Whitehead was moved out in a small deal that brought up a 2nd next year for the Rangers. Alexei Kolosov has 83 CON and 76 POT, and should serve a similar 1B role.

C/L Gavin Hayes (NYR 2022, 3rd, #67)
POT: 73 (No wait, 53); CON: 42
Highlights: None, oops

Hayes was signed this year to begin his development path, but the problem was you don't sign CON boosters before they are 20. A rule I should have known, but didn't really think about at the moment. After a double-POT fall, Hayes will stay in oblivion until the contract runs out. Sorry really only to my stupidness and apologies to the real Gavin Hayes, who was drafted in the 3rd by the Blackhawks in, funnily enough, the 66th spot.

C/L Filip Bystedt (NYR 2022, 3rd #86)
POT: 66; CON: 75
Highlights: Checking, Hitting, Strength

Bystedt is the third POT booster nabbed by the Rangers. He's big and strong and if he boosts, would serve a great bottom 6 role. At 6'4, 205 lbs, and only 18 1/2 years old, the size is already something special. Unfortunately, Bystedt got injured after 2 preseason games, however, he wasn't going to be the Rangers underager this year, so while he will miss most of his last junior season, it won't really effect his development.

C/L Dans Locmelis (NYR 2022, 5th #132)
POT: 55; CON: 75
Highlights: Faceoffs

The final booster of the 2022 draft, Locmelis looks to possibly become a bottom line C with also help to the AHL Wolfpack. If he does the possible double boost, he could look to be a mid-70s center with a skyhigh Faceoff rating, the type of player everyone likes to have one of for a lower line role.

New York Rangers
Posted: 2022/09/29

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